Helios Interactive is a full service game development studio and a 3D game engine technology company that conceives, develops and produces console quality 3D games across any platform including PC, Mac, web browser, facebook, and mobile devices.


Helios was spawned from the collective fires that burned deep in the souls of game industry veterans and innovators who've developed a wide variety of games from concept to completion. Through these efforts, Helios innovated their way into giving birth to GameCore3D – a robust yet easy to use cross-platform 3D game creation toolset and engine that allows artists, indie game developers or full blown studios to create 3D games, virtual worlds, and other interactive entertainment across multiple platforms.

In recognizing early on that 3D games were inevitably going to be played through the web, Helios decided to specialize in creating cross-platform 3D web browser based games that take full advantage of our GameCore 3D engine and our Web3D hosting platform to deliver console quality 3D multi-player social games that can be embedded and displayed on any website or social platform such as Facebook.

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